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11 July 2017

Quitting Twitter

by {"name"=>"Stephen Haywood", "url"=>"https://twitter.com/averagesecguy"}

Yes, I’m alright but it was time to quit Twitter. Although it’s been a boon for me, I found my last two jobs via Twitter, it was getting to the point where the benefits were outweighed by the negatives. There’s so much negativity on Twitter in general and in infosec specifically. Throughout the day, I would spend a few hours on Twitter and by the time I was done, I was sad, anxious, and feeling down about myself. I’m sure this could be easily remedied by changing who I follow but I believe it’s better to get rid of things that cause problems rather than continue to dance around with them (Matthew 5:29). Just because I’m not on Twitter doesn’t mean I’m not around. You can still email me at stephen@averagesecurityguy.info and I’ll still be pushing code to Github.